Mantrana Consulting An HR Solutions Group

Mantrana Consulting is an HR solutions group

Mantrana has been set up by senior HR professionals and experts including psychologists of international repute. Its distinctive competencies lie in training, psychometric test, HR consulting, and executive/life coaching.


Vikram Mahaldar Managing Director & CEO at OCM Pvt Ltd

Lila is a qualified personality assessment professional using psychometric tests to gauge the qualities that an aptitude test cannot reveal. She used a Hogan on me and the results were unbelievable. A few interpretations were easily accepted by me and a few after deeper introspection. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to hire key people for their organisations, especially in the leadership roles. A general aptitude test can help us know skills and knowledge possessed by an individual but an insight into the attitude, the most important attribute to success needs psychometric assessment and with an expert like Lila, you can be assured of best results.

Murlee Dhar Shyamm, SHRM-SCP®, Sector Head HR – Airports at GMR Group

Dr. VP Singh is amongst a few finest HR Leaders those have fine blend of Academic and Industry expertise and nurturing future Leadership talent pool in India. His ability to mentor and coach young leaders is amazing and exemplary. He is a critical chain between complex Industrial Relation era and progressive HR practices

Prem Singh, President-Global Human Resources, Wockhardt Ltd

Philosopher, Friend and Guide – these are the words that describe Dr VP Singh. Excellent facilitator, an inspiring Leader and Coach, Dr Singh is one of the finest human beings and it’s been a pleasure having known him

Anushree Kothari, The OrangeZest

I have known Lila for over 10 years now. She is a sincere, dedicated and hard working person. My memories of her are of a person who has the strength & capability to handle whatever comes to her.

Rajesh Kachroo, Education Management Professional

Domain Expert, Innovative and Result oriented – three words to describe Lila. I worked with Lila at Pearson. I strongly recommend Lila and Mantrana.

Sheetal Soni, Director-HR, McGraw-Hill

I have known Lila for more than 5 years now and it is pleasure to write for her. Lila is a thorough professional. Lila is excellent at building relationships. Her understanding of different technologies and market is very good and complete.

Subir Palit, Country Head at Greenply Industries Limited, Kolkata

I can describe Lila as a detail oriented person with fantastic ability to judge people for their character. She is soft spoken person with talent of putting people at ease very quickly. She is passionate about her work and is a thorough professional. I wish her all the best !!!

Murlee Dhar Shyamm, SHRM-SCP®, Sector Head HR – Airports at GMR Group

Lila is a very focused and result oriented Recruitment Practice Leader. Her ability to connect with professionals and a quick turnaround to build strong talent pool has always helped in closing the contingent and mandated search well with in time.

Sanjeev Tripathi, Head HR India, OSRAM Lighting Pvt. Ltd

I found Ms Lila, a thorough recruitment expert and excellent human being. She comes across with holistic industry information when sells the idea of new opportunity. I admire her selling skills, patience and industry knowledge. It’s a privilege to me to be in friend list of Ms Lila and wish her a great success in future.

Harvinder Singh, GM-HR, Usha International Limited

We have been using Mr. Rajan Sinha’s services for last 2 years especially Hogan, Creatrix and then one on one meetings with Rajan to validate the findings.

While the Hogan and creatrix has been helpful in getting the right fitment, it is the feedback and assessment to validate the findings from Rajan, that have been a great support. Rajan sir, comes across as a thorough professional and most of the support he has given us, has actually helped us in hiring best of talent. While we do use his assessments for hiring, it has also come in handy and supportive when we consult his findings for working out development plan for our employees.

I thank him for all his support and definitely recommend Mr. Rajan Sinha for any organizations wherein they want to evaluate the Candidates for Psychometric assessments…. its been a great learning experience for myself also, having worked with him. Mr. Sinha is knowledgeable and best part is that he take pride in his work. Highly diligent, Mr. Sinha is always there to help us out on critical hirings and feedbacks.

P Shivanand, Managing Trustee, Bridge The Gap Trust

Rajan is an excellent facilitator with very indepth knowledge of the subject and adult learning processes. He is extremely good at developing new programs & new facilitators. He leads from the front and shares all his knowledge & skills spontaneously with all at all times! This makes him a very effective coach & a mentor.

Rajan has a very vibrant personality and excellent communication skills. His sense of humour and annecdotes makes his training sessions come alive. It adds value to the learning process.

He never says no…his ethos being “will do” or “will get it done” This makes him very a dependable partner.

Our work with him and his organization for over 4+ years has been truly rewarding.

Finally I appreciate his training dexterity – be it Indoor, Outdoor, Outbound or One-on-One.

Dr. R P Singh, Managing Director & CEO- THRS Consulting

Rajan is an excellent person, a dependable friend & ally and above all a very effective and creative HR processes facilitator and trainer. He will always add value to the assignment that is entrusted to him and the organisation, he would like to be associated with.

Mohd Shahid Quraishi, Managing Director at Quest Consultants FZC, UAE

Rajan is very good trainer and presented various training progams in UAE.

Amal Kumar Das. Managing Partner & CEO, Good People Group

Rajan is a quintessential explorer with strong roots reflected in values.His grasp of new age dilemmas and ability to counsel is amazing and enviable!He is a soul person and definitely in a minority in this world..

Dr V P SINGH, Advisor, Dr. K N Modi University, Ex-Advisor- Org Dev at Patanjali, Haridwar

Rajan has been a great HR professional- an outstanding trainer, a matured facilitator- counsellor and a wonderful support system for almost three decades. His insights into psychometric measurement and human processes have significantly impacted people around him. A continuous learner himself, he brought unique knowledge and skill value propositions to all his clients- internal and external.

He had been a great man manager- tough yet soft somewhere- and added value to organizations he had been associated in PSUs , private enterprises including MNC as well as a few leading NGOs.

He is a graphologist by training. He has keen interests in photography- hence he has an eye for detail and everything which is unusual and different. 

He is one of a few professionals I know, whose intentions, intellect and inspirations one can bank on for delivery.

Founder, Empower & Inspire

Rajan is very down to earth person who can relate to people very well. He has vast experience in various HR areas. Training is his passion and he will make learning very easy by way of total involvement and by making you feel than it is a fun. He is very good at using psychological tool during the training programs.

Nitin Jain, ex-MD, OCM Private Limited

Rajan is a seasoned, skilled and mature HR professional whose skills in training and motivation are unparalleled.  His ability to negotiate complex IR matters is a boon for any management.  He has and will continue to remain my counsel andguide not only for his abilities but also for his frankness.

Why Mantrana Consulting

Mantrana is essentially a network organization with access and ability to marshal intellectual resources from a vast community of psychologists and human behavior professionals, to impact on the quality of support suiting most needs in strategic and operational HR space.

About Mantrana Consulting

Mantrana endeavors to add value beyond corporates. Mantrana’s range of contribution extends to NGOs, public systems, communities, families and individuals… wherever it can enhance human performance, growth and fulfillment. Read More

Mantrana Philosophy

Most of our problems have no past parallels. Therefore, experience, however rich it may be, offers no linear answer. Mantrana brings together Upanishadic axiom - Learning is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary endeavor.  Read More

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