Is your LinkedIn profile underselling you?

We keep reading and watch videos on how important it is to have a great LinkedIn profile and what are the methods of having a well written profile description etc. My question and concerns are how often we practice them to our advantage. For past two decades I have been in the talent acquisition & […]


Say No To Employee Engagement. Say Yes To Employee Bonding

We chose, often unconsciously, wrong and inadequate words in our speech and writing, and expect correct understanding and positive outcomes. Engagement, especially employee engagement, is one such word. We expect team integration and mission fulfillment as an outcome of such ‘engagement initiatives’ costing huge resources in terms of time and money. Of course, this doesn’t […]


How am I helping others find their roots and wings

I was at a juncture of my career where I felt the monotony hitting me in my work. New technologies like artificial intelligence were transforming the landscape. To stay on top, I had two choices-either master shifting sands of high tech or capitalize on my high touch style. Often while using psychometric tools in personality […]


How Coaching happened to me?

Its been more than two decades that I am under the influence of Human resource professionals who have been talking and practicing a whole gamut of activities right from talent acquisition, training and development, consulting and coaching for a while now. Even though I was hearing words like coaching, counselling, & mentoring very often, I […]

How to be happy at all times?

If you were to choose between success and happiness, what will you choose? Or, if there is a possibility that you may not be happy after you achieve success, what will you do? If you are ambivalent, it is natural. While it is human to pursue growth and success, happiness is a biological goal of […]

Invest today! Learn for better future

One must be wondering what am I talking about? Financial investment? Strategic investment? No I am talking about career advice. Well, with my over two decade of spending time in the peoples’ space I must admit I have very little knowledge and experience in finances or business investments.  Of course all these years I have […]

What about your Reputation? How do you build it?

There are some people who are very talented, while some are not. Some are born rich with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth, while others are not so lucky. Some are born in the land of opportunity, yet others in hopeless anarchies. There are many things on which we may not have control, but […]