How am I helping others find their roots and wings


I was at a juncture of my career where I felt the monotony hitting me in my work. New technologies like artificial intelligence were transforming the landscape. To stay on top, I had two choices-either master shifting sands of high tech or capitalize on my high touch style.

Often while using psychometric tools in personality assessments especially for hiring process, many clients used to asked me that now that they knew their candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, what can be done to bring out the maximum potential? I used to wonder is it the right thing to advise them or they should be able to find an answer for themselves what is hindering them in their success and how to deal with it. I was gradually developing this baggage in my mind that I must have the ability to help these people with either the right tools or the right skill & competencies.

It was time to rediscover my competencies which were there in me but I may have never reflected upon them. My first stop came when I did a Hogan Assessments (one of the best multi-dimensional assessment tool) to find out my positives and areas that I need to improve upon. I found what I was good at

  1. Ideas and initiatives and will look beyond standard procedures to solve problems.
  2. Enjoy taking visionary ideas and translating them into workable solutions.

and the values that drove me to action were

  1. Desire to help others and help them in problem solving.
  2. Valuing innovation and most motivated in environments that allow exploration, and creativity.
  3. Valuing quality, as much as quantity.

With the above combination of strengths and values, coaching was one profession that I found to be my destination.

I discovered and learnt through my professional Coach training how the following four fundamental coaching questions could help many people with their challenges and fulfil their dreams and life purpose:

  1. What do you want?
  2. How do you think you will get it?
  3. How do you commit yourself to what you want, and lastly
  4. How would you know if you got it what you want?

Although my journey in the world of coaching has just begun, but I do feel empowered and blessed to have been able to identify a beautiful skill that allows me to be able to facilitate many dreams turning into success stories.  

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