How to overcome challenges with five powerful rules of your life?

How to overcome challenges with five powerful rules of your life

On a Sunday afternoon when I was lazing, accidently came across with a video by Simon Sinek which labelled as “CHANGE YOUR FUTURE – Life Changing Motivational Speech”. I started to watch the video and got carried away with it since it had such valuable lessons of life. Simple things but difficult to practice. But once you practice that is where you are going to make all the difference in life. So, thought of summarizing it and keep it as a treasure of thoughts.

So here are those Five powerful rules to bring the spark of your life from my guru Simon Sinek.

Rule no.1 – Focus on your goal. See the things that you want to see and not what others want to see. There are two kinds of people, one who will see their goal and the second category who will see what is preventing them to see their goal. Focus on what you want. Chase what you can get and you cannot go after what others want to get.

Rule no. 2 – Realise that sometimes you are the problem. When you take the credit of things that goes right for you, also learn to take accountabilities when things go wrong. It’s a balanced equation. It cannot be one way or the other.


Rule no.3 – Take care of each other. Learn to ask for help because we do not know who wants to extend us that helping hand when we were looking for it since we never asked for it. And before that, practice helping others because that is how people advance in the world. Practice to accept help when it is offered and ask for help when you know you can’t do it without the help.

Rule no.4 – This one is my favourites. Learn to keep your opinions to yourself and be the last one to share yours. Understand why people are giving their opinions, what makes them say what they want to say and what do they mean, what they feel when they give their opinions, because speaking at the last will do two things. One, it will build confidence among people that they have been heard and it will give people the ability to feel that they have contributed.  Two, you will get the benefit of hearing what everyone else has to say before giving your opinion.

Rule no.5 – As you gain fame, position and seniority, people will treat you better. But none is meant for you, they are all meant for the position you hold. It is important to always remember the lesson of humility, gratitude. Be grateful and know that they are not for you.

In your journey of life, you are facing challenges and want to know how you can do things differently to be able to  find the spark back in your life. I am here to listen to you. You can talk to me.

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