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Managing Change


Managing change is a critical skill in today’s world of rapid and continuous change.

Change is not simply a matter of changing. It is more a matter of learning how to change, not only self but others as well. It is also a matter of fostering an environment where change is actually welcomed and invited as an opportunity for growth.

Course Objectives

This course will equip delegates with necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to effectively create an environment where people use change as an instrument of growth, rather than fear. The delegates will be able to enlist others’ support and guide them in social, technological and other types of organizational change.


This will be a two day program

Course Content

The structure of the program is based on the principles of action learning. The course consists of:

Understanding change

  • Understanding your effectiveness as a change agent
  • Roles in Change – Theirs and Yours
  • Managing People through Change – Positive and Negative
  • R&R – Resistance and Resilience
  • Developing Commitment to Change
  • Synergy and Change
  • Creating a learning organization
  • Action planning the application of the program learning
  • Establishing follow-up learning needs.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is required to operate as change agent manager.

Mantrana Methodology

A highly participative course with a mixture of facilitator input, self-scoring instruments, discussions, exercises, cases, role plays and audio-visual inputs to illustrate effective change management behavior and the results that can be achieved by managing change successfully.

Key Takeaways

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what change is and what is change management
  • Be able to identify the stages in the change process and determinants of successful change
  • Be able to identify the sources of corporate and personal resistance to change
  • Be able to develop resilience in those affected by change
  • Be able to assess their own change management competence using a simple model
  • Be familiar with and a wide range of change tools and techniques which can be used in managing change
  • Be able to lead an army of change seekers.
  • Plan, carry out and review the effectiveness of change management interventions.