Ownership Culture

What is Ownership?

When a person truly feels as if a certain business or department is his / her own. When a person would take every decision concerning internal or external customer keeping in mind that any wrong move by him / her would directly affect his or her net worth. This means, that when there is a feeling of personal responsibility and in return profitability, we can say that Ownership exists.

The very concept of acting like an owner demonstrates that an ownership culture is a powerful organizational development technology

It is all about building up a corporate culture – The Ownership Culture. This culture helps the business by focusing on the customer, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, empowering the employees and being a partner in success and failure. Acting like an owner provides a leadership philosophy that helps to communicate effectively with the customers and employees, develop effective teams throughout the organization, and design business systems that support and enhance empowerment.

Workshop Duration

This will be a one-day workshop

Course outline

  • Understanding “ownership” and what it really means
  • Giving positive energy for greater power in your workplace
  • Commitment and its effect on performance
  • Understanding self on how does one relate to others
  • Incorporating elements of professional customer service for internal customers
  • Learning Competencies for professionalism

Mantrana Methodology

This workshop is fun filled, hands on, practical & totally interactive. Role plays, simulations, exercises & games enhance the learning process.

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