Psychometric Services

Assessment and diagnostics drives whatever Mantrana Consulting  does. Whether it is training, consulting or coaching, our distinctive competence lies in using psychometrics and other tools to create a realistic framework for learning and behavioural modification by highlighting what and how much requires to be done by the client.

Besides, having one of the widest range of international assessment certifications, we are uniquely placed to suggest appropriate solutions keeping in mind the need and the budget of the client. Some of our notable certifications & accreditations are:

  • Hogan Assessments, USA. We are one of the very few in the country holding advanced certification. Hogan Insight is probably the best instrument for assessing motivations, values, preferences and derailers of an individual, especially at senior levels. Excellent for senior level recruitments and coaching. Hogan also has many other instruments, the most notable ones being Leadership forecast, Judgement and High Potential reports.
  • Harrison Assessments. Best known for patented paradox technology, it is one of the finest for job suitability, based on an inventory of over 6500 job titles in Harrison library.
  • FIRO-B & FIRO-Business from CPP, UK. Improving upon 1957 classic, FIRO-Business is unparalleled for understanding one’s interpersonal relationship profile in modern setting.
  • 16PF from IPAT, USA. One of the oldest instruments based on Big 5 theory.
  • Team Coaching from Belbin Associates, UK. Belbin technology is the world’s best when it comes to auditing, training and coaching closely working teams.
  • Personality profiling, team audit, general intelligence assessment from Thomas International, UK. This deploys the most authentic DISC system.
  • FACET5 is also based on Big 5 theory and is an improvement over 16PF.
  • SOSIE from PEARSON, is a French model of assessment, best for low budget but reliable assessments.
  • TEIQ from Thomas International, UK is very powerful system for measuring emotional intelligence.
  • PDA Behavioural Assessment from PDA International is an Italian low-cost system of personality and job suitability assessment.

Mantrana Consulting has a loyal and long standing clientele for specialized inputs:

  • Selection decisions for key and strategic positions
  • Conducting assessment and development centres.
  • Competency enhancement and empowerment programs.
  • Coaching and mentoring workshops
  • Designing, diagnosing and coaching hi-performing teams
  • Designing talent development plans based on individual strengths as identified through psychometrics.
  • Reliability and validity testing of tests developed by other reputed organizations.
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