Emailing and Teleconferencing Skills


We all feel overwhelmed sometimes by the sheer volume of email received. Much of it is unnecessary; some of it is spam. This program will offer some techniques for dealing with emails you have received, and writing emails that your recipients will want to read. Besides emailing, this training workshop will give you pointers in effective teleconferencing.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the importance & problems of long distance communication
  • To develop an effective style for:
    • E-Mailing
    • Teleconferencing


  • This workshop is hands on, practical & totally interactive
  • Participants get to write and assess their style & also receive feedback
  • Carefully designed exercises enable them to understand how to use language effectively

Key Takeaways

  • Developing receiver profile
  • Content & language
  • Evolving a theme & structure
  • Tone & intention
  • Format & layout
  • Hallmarks of good writing
  • Creating the document spider
  • Developing confidence & style
  • Effective report writing
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