Emotional Intelligence

Context & Relevance

Performance in the workplace is now perceived to be more dependent on a set of competencies comprising Emotional Intelligence (EI). EI has been found to be the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership. The workshop helps delegates understand the concept, identify behavioral gaps in the way of optimum team performance and remedial action. The delegates should also be able to develop a timeline for competence building.

Mantrana methodology

In the two-day EI training program, renowned psychologists and HR professionals with more than 50 years of combined practical teaching experience and knowledge repertoire, bring to you dynamic instruction, activities, laughter, and learning. This workshop is highly interactive, knowledge-based, and experiential, using presentations and a variety of group and individual exercises, discussions and case studies. This helps illustrate key learning points, important skills, and imbibe the concepts deeper into the drivers of our behavior.


The two-day training in Emotional Intelligence has been designed to:

  • Empower individuals to take more responsibility of their behavior and performance
  • Provide a model for learning to develop and apply emotional intelligence.
  • Impart effective skills and tools that can be adapted to a variety of contexts.

Session Overview

First Day Forenoon

  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI); Importance of EI in organizations.
  • Self-Awareness Exercise: Feedback on psycho-diagnostic tool. (Done as pre-work)
  • The purpose of emotion
  • Techniques for interrupting your automatic responses

First Day Afternoon

  • Ways to rewrite your emotional script
  • Tips on becoming more optimistic
  • How to motivate yourself
  • Ideas for finding greater meaning in your work

Second Day Forenoon

  • Listening to and understanding the feelings of others (through instrument).
  • Expanding your emotional vocabulary
  • Understanding one’s own communication style and adapting to the communication styles of others (through an instrument)

Second Day Afternoon

  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively and inoffensively
  • Handling angry people- role play exercise
  • How to build a spirit of teamwork
  • Principles for inspiring passion in others

Agenda planning

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