Managerial Effectiveness


Winning competition in this era of white water change requires continuous up- dation of knowledge, skills and attitudes; and ability to unlearn whatever may even have been successful in the past. It also requires capacity to build people through challenging, empowering and delegating.??


This customized training capsule will provide participants with practical tips, tools and proven strategies for developing powerful life skills and attitudes. They will discover how to fulfill their potential and unleash that of those working down below.

Key Takeaways

  • The key takeaways for managers will include:
  • How to design their life and make it a success.
  • Discover their strengths and unique abilities.
  • Learn and enhance key life skills including people skills, assertiveness skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • Develop proficiencies in work related competencies like planning, delegation, time management, conflict handling, teaming, etc.
  • Negotiate and enhance role effectiveness.

Program Outline

Day 1

Creating your future today

  • diagnose how focused and balanced your life is right now
  • identify specific strategies that will enable you to take control of your life
  • walk out with lifetime “fire-in-the-belly” goals and an action plan to transform dreams into reality (life story project)
  • master an easy method to program your subconscious for success
  • find out why you must avoid toxic people

Understanding yourself

  • Understand your unique ways of relating to the world and its implications for your interpersonal success and job fit (FIRO-B)
  • Watch your language if it is “doing you in” (negative phrases check)
  • Discover how you learn better (learning style inventory)

Communication skills

  • Learn active listening and questioning skills through exercises
  • Body Language
  • Learn the art of positive confrontation and conflict resolution (MODI)
  • Cultivate and leverage trust

Day 2

Workplace basics for leaders

  • Learn how to lead effectively (LPI)
  • Short cuts to motivating people, praise and reprimand
  • Basics of time planning and organizing
  • Enhance your personal effectiveness (JOHARI exercise)
  • Art and science of delegation as a capacity multiplier (delegation inventory)
  • Action agenda planning and valedictory


The program will be based primarily on experiential learning through instruments, exercises, role plays, etc., besides interactive discussions.

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