Managerial Grid

Managerial Grid workshop, based on the concept propounded by Dr R Blake and Dr J Mouton, is a very powerful experiential learning exercise to help managers develop competencies to work effectively as a leader and building performing teams while achieving personal and professional excellence.

It normally requires participants to do pre workshop homework for about 4-6 hours for making it really effective.

Managerial Grid Workshop Goals:

  •    To Clarify Managerial Grid Concepts
  •    Experience the Grid Attributes In Action
  •    Increasing Team Effectiveness
  •    Managing Intra & Inter Team Conflicts productively
  •    Learning the art of problem solving approaches
  •    Achieving Personal & Managerial Effectiveness.


The workshop seeks to:

  1. Help the participants understand the Managerial Grid concept and Develop competencies required to work effectively as a leader in a performing team,
  2. Inculcate articulation and assertiveness skills among participants for effective leadership and communication skills,
  3. Sensitize towards the role of genuine consensus building and its effect on decision making processes,
  4. Facilitate the participants to comprehend the value of critique for continuous improvement and develop feedback skills,
  5. Help them appreciate the positive role of conflicts and develop win-win conflict resolution mindset, and finally,
  6. Develop insights to view problems in a holistic manner and build problem solving competencies.


The methodology of the workshop include:

  • Lecturettes
  • Group exercises
  • Role plays, and
  • Management Games


The duration of the workshop could be 2/3 days depending upon the participants’ profile.

Resource Person:

Mr R P Singh is a Certified Grid Instructor trained by Dr Bruce Carlsen, President, Grid International, USA and Dr P N Singh.

A Fellow of ISTD, Mr Singh runs his own consulting company.

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