Managing Conflicts and Differences


Conflict can cause lost time, resources, and efficiency in any work team. But when managed well, conflict can result in new ideas, more informed decision making, and better performance. But managing conflict effectively requires skill, knowledge and experience. These days every organization must train its employees to effectively manage conflict and resolve issues that block performance.

Conflict can have a positive effect, but left unchecked, the dangerous results of conflict can include damaged relationships, destroyed creativity and productivity, lost commitment and wasted resources.

By taking a number of conflict management tools, techniques and theories and putting them into practical situations, this Conflict Management training course aims to turn conflict into a productive force.

Learn the skills and techniques for managing conflict effectively, and to achieve positive outcomes, rather than to prevent all conflict. Go beyond the theory of dealing with conflict, with practical activities and role-plays that can build skills and confidence, in a safe classroom environment.

Course Objectives

After completing this Conflict Management training course, delegates will be able to:

  • identify exactly what conflict is, why it arises and how it can be utilized for maximum benefit;
  • recognize the various stages of conflict and preventing them from escalating;
  • deal with conflict with a greater awareness of the conflict management style of themselves and others;
  • utilize a variety of methods for managing conflict successfully;
  • Invest less time and energy in conflict and creating more productive relationships with others.
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