Managing People on the Shop Floor


Empowering employees to become more productive and effective and to have a greater degree of commitment is the focus of this programme. This skill development workshop directs and teaches first-level and first level managers the basics of communication, motivation, delegation, and evaluation. These four skill areas are the foundation of good interpersonal management development.

Participants practice the fundamental skills of how to manage and communicate more effectively based on the behaviour styles of company employees. Participants learn to improve the productivity.


The course aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate Confidence in front of colleagues
  • Understand behavioural patterns and how to adapt to others.
  • Utilize clear communication models in order to maintain rapport
  • Use appropriate body language, voice, and tone, in order to create a positive and lasting impression with everyone facing opportunity
  • A greater understanding of behaviour within the organization
  • Extend their understanding of the first line leader’s role and the process of managing up, down, and across the organization
  • Develop a strategy for enhancing the effectiveness

Training Methodology

Sessions include knowledge slides interspersed with directed discussions, films, role play and case studies.

The delegates will learn by active participation through the use of problem-solving exercises, group discussions, analysis of real-life case studies.

Training Outline

  • First line manager’s role
  • Building trust as a cornerstone for leadership
  • Effective Leadership practices
  • Understanding one’s interpersonal communication patterns (FIRO-B)
  • Crystal Clear Communication for effectiveness
  • Giving and receiving instructions
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Performance reviews
  • Handling underperformance and difficult people

Coaching and counselling

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