Personal Growth and Effectiveness


Today’s rapidly changing workplace requires managers to be adept at a range of skills and behaviors many of which were either considered inborn or required a much longer socialization process and experience to master. Latest researches have conclusively established that there is a technology of success and it is learnable.


This customized personality development training capsule will provide participants with practical tips, tools and proven strategies for developing powerful interpersonal and other life skills. They will discover how to fulfill their potential and achieve everything they were designed to achieve.


The key takeaways will include:

  • How to design your life and make it a success.
  • Learn key life skills including people skills, assertiveness skills,


This is 2-3 day program depending upon the degree of depth desired by the client

Program Outline

Creating your future today

  • identify specific strategies that will enable you to take control of your life
  • diagnose how focused your life is right now
  • discover the importance of dreaming a big dream
  • master an easy to learn 5-step strategy that will transform dreams into reality
  • discover how to prevent others from sabotaging your goals
  • learn how fear interferes with your ability to achieve your potential
  • discover why you must do the things you fear
  • find out why you must ignore the advice of others
  • discover how to replace fear with desire
  • walk out with lifetime “fire-in-the-belly” goals and an action plan to transform dreams into reality
  • discover the power of starting every day with an attitude of gratitude
  • how to get rid of the dreaded disease called “perfectionitis”
  • why you must learn to fake it until you make it
  • master an easy method to program your subconscious for success
  • find out why you must avoid hiring “stinking thinking” people
  • why you must change your language if you want to create a positive climate

Taking on the world

  • Understand your unique ways of relating to the world and its implications for your interpersonal success
  • How to say no when you want to say no without feeling guilty
  • Watch your language if it is “doing you in”
  • Watch your actions if they are giving a different impression
  • Learning the art of positive confrontation and conflict resolution
  • Discover how you learn better

Workplace basics for leaders

  • Short cuts to motivating people
  • Enhancing your personal effectiveness
  • Better your listening/speaking/instructing


The program will be based primarily on experiential learning through instruments, exercises, role plays, etc, besides interactive discussions.

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