Presentation Skills


Presentations are a powerful way of getting the message across, whether at a conference, in the boardroom, during a training session or at a staff briefing. Most managers are expected to give presentations in a variety of contexts. The experience can be a very stimulating and rewarding one and yet it is often the part of the job that seems most daunting.

Course Objectives

This 1.5-day course will enable delegates to increase their confidence and skills in relation to making effective presentations. The course will focus on a number of different key aspects: planning and designing the presentation; selection of audio-visual aids; development of visual materials; anticipating the audience; handling the materials smoothly; creating impact with verbal and non-verbal communication; inviting audience participation; handling questions or objections. Delegates will plan and deliver a presentation relevant to their own professional needs.


The course will be highly interactive and delegates will work individually, in pairs and in small groups. Video will be used as a means of analyzing presentations and providing constructive feedback.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Plan and design a presentation
  • Identify the key messages within the presentation
  • Select appropriate audio-visual aids to create impact
  • Practice communication skills to increase impact and sustain audience interest
  • Identify and avoid potential problems in using technical equipment during the presentation
  • Deliver a presentation confidently and effectively
  • Invite audience participation and deal with objections or questions confidently


Day 1

  • Bingo- Icebreaker
  • First Presentation with video coverage:
  • Topic:  Self & Company Introduction
  • See yourself as others see you!
  • Re-play of the first presentation with feedback on:
    • Verbal, vocal & visual impact
    • Developing rapport with the audience
    • Message, conviction & response
    • Skills of presentation
  • Consolidate feedback with Video film
  • Structured preparation for Second Presentation
  • Re formatting matter using the suggested structure & template
  • Practicing Stress Management & Voice projection using:
  • Instant Relaxation & Yogic techniques
  • Voice modulation exercises
  • Second Presentation without video coverage .Time Limit:  07 minutes
  • Topic:  Of Choice
  • Simulation of handling awkward questions & difficult audiences
  • Managing time & practicing online editing
  • Being prepared for eventualities

Day 2

  • Skills for Winning Presentations – You ask we answer! Interactive session with techniques & demonstrations will also include:T O T the Train of Thought
  • Consolidate with Video film
  • Third Presentation with video coverage. Topic: Extempore! Time for Preparation: 60 minutes. Time Limit: 05 minutes. Must use: T O T method of planning, preparation & delivery
  • Facilitator & group feedback
  • Action planning & conclusion


Participants will be required to come to the program with at least one pre-prepared presentation on any subject of their choice.

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