Stress Management


Modern times are full of change, uncertainty, variable environment and unpredictable human behavior. But then, each generation has always thought so. Stress management is a recent perspective about a fundamental human fact. Executives undergo stress due to the highly competitive business environment. Their increasing ambitions force them to do many things at the same time and at a very fast pace. As their support networks become weaker, they become tense and do not know where they are going wrong, or, what has hit them.Their tension, consciously or unconsciously, gets transferred to their spouses and other loved ones, who bounce it, back on to them. This stress generation & regeneration cycle continues till the situation becomes explosive.

This vicious cycle needs to be broken in order to facilitate a peaceful and meaningful life.

This workshop aims precisely at this objective.

Course Objectives

This workshop deals with the scientific aspect of managing stress in our daily interactions. Human beings are gifted with a mechanism and infrastructure that has tremendous functional resilience. They only need to have tools that would help them remain tranquil even under trying conditions.

Participants leave this workshop with implementable solutions plus increased confidence to deal with the real life practical stressful situations and enhanced thinking skills that will keep working for them throughout their lives. The learning from this workshop is highly experiential.


This is a 2-day highly interactive workshop. It provides practical tools to the participants that they can apply in their day-to-day lives, to make it more meaningful and enjoyable. Experience sharing is encouraged to help them relate the learning with real life situations.

Anger, which is our enemy number one, receives a special focus. They learn the difference between Satvik (constructive) & Tamsik (destructive) anger, and the right way to deal with anger.

Key Takeaways


  • What is stress?
  • How is it created?
  • How does it impact people?
  • What corrective & preventive actions can be taken?


  • Dealing effectively with day-to-day stressful situations in life.
  • Stress handling and reduction techniques including insights of mind, body and spirit management.


  • What are the right perspectives of life which help one avoid the deleterious effects of stress and harness the positive aspects?
  • Staying with high inner locus of control and optimism.
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