Team Building Skill

Context and Relevance

Like it or not, modern organizations are all about team working. The strength of an organization is not brilliant people, but how ordinary people coalesce together to perform and give extraordinary results. Capability enhancement of teams in terms of sense of ownership, accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, collaboration and sensitivity to others can make a signal difference to the organizational effectiveness in the market place.


The objective of this training exercise is to:

  • Improve organizational effectiveness by improving communication between people and departments
  • Foster team working and spirit of individual and group ownership and accountability as against reliance on hierarchy
  • Improve understanding of self as team member-strengths and pitfalls
  • Help understand and listen to others better; how to give and receive feedback to build
  • Help learn strategies and techniques of team leadership

Mantrana Methodology

This training program will be a practical, participative and enjoyable learning experience. There will be a mix of methods from group-training exercises, psychological profiling to knowledge slides, and interactive sessions for internalization of learning.

The actual program content design will be based on team diagnostic survey to be done before the program. If there are serious issues needing to be addressed (like meeting management, empowerment, talent management, climate, etc.), the over view given below will be accordingly modified in consultation with the client.

Session Overview

Day 1

Morning Session:

  • Inauguration and icebreakers
  • Culture Identification
  • Trust as a bedrock of teaming and leadership

Afternoon Session

  • Understanding self through FIRO-B(interpersonal stance), MODI (conflict management stance) and Belbin model( team role strengths)Empathy and Listening

Day 2

Morning Session

  • Stranded in Himalayas exercise(consensus building)
  • Wisdom game(Inter group collaboration)
  • Inspiring and motivating teams

Afternoon Session

  • Inputs based on team survey (pre work)
  • Agenda for Action

Time Frame

This will be an intensive two-day training program. Delegates are expected to keep the evenings free as the interactions are likely to spill over.

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