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Dr V P SINGH, Advisor, Dr. K N Modi University, Ex-Advisor- Org Dev at Patanjali, Haridwar

Rajan has been a great HR professional- an outstanding trainer, a matured facilitator- counsellor and a wonderful support system for almost three decades. His insights into psychometric measurement and human processes have significantly impacted people around him. A continuous learner himself, he brought unique knowledge and skill value propositions to all his clients- internal and external.

He had been a great man manager- tough yet soft somewhere- and added value to organizations he had been associated in PSUs , private enterprises including MNC as well as a few leading NGOs.

He is a graphologist by training. He has keen interests in photography- hence he has an eye for detail and everything which is unusual and different. 

He is one of a few professionals I know, whose intentions, intellect and inspirations one can bank on for delivery.