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Harvinder Singh, GM-HR, Usha International Limited

We have been using Mr. Rajan Sinha’s services for last 2 years especially Hogan, Creatrix and then one on one meetings with Rajan to validate the findings.

While the Hogan and creatrix has been helpful in getting the right fitment, it is the feedback and assessment to validate the findings from Rajan, that have been a great support. Rajan sir, comes across as a thorough professional and most of the support he has given us, has actually helped us in hiring best of talent. While we do use his assessments for hiring, it has also come in handy and supportive when we consult his findings for working out development plan for our employees.

I thank him for all his support and definitely recommend Mr. Rajan Sinha for any organizations wherein they want to evaluate the Candidates for Psychometric assessments…. its been a great learning experience for myself also, having worked with him. Mr. Sinha is knowledgeable and best part is that he take pride in his work. Highly diligent, Mr. Sinha is always there to help us out on critical hirings and feedbacks.