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P Shivanand, Managing Trustee, Bridge The Gap Trust

Rajan is an excellent facilitator with very indepth knowledge of the subject and adult learning processes. He is extremely good at developing new programs & new facilitators. He leads from the front and shares all his knowledge & skills spontaneously with all at all times! This makes him a very effective coach & a mentor.

Rajan has a very vibrant personality and excellent communication skills. His sense of humour and annecdotes makes his training sessions come alive. It adds value to the learning process.

He never says no…his ethos being “will do” or “will get it done” This makes him very a dependable partner.

Our work with him and his organization for over 4+ years has been truly rewarding.

Finally I appreciate his training dexterity – be it Indoor, Outdoor, Outbound or One-on-One.