Top Five things to keep in mind while you are coaching

Top Five things to keep in mind while you are coaching

I began my coaching journey a few months back when I decided to learn the right way for professional coaching. While in training, I realised it was not as easy that it sounded to be a coach from typically what we see and learn from great coaching videos. I did hear various processes of how one can help a client introspect in his or her thoughts what he desires for. Challenge was to bring it to practice. I felt a lot of clash in understanding the theory vs the reality. I am sure this is a usual experience anyone goes through when we typically undergo training on any subject.

I understand that I am a slow learner and hence I consciously took a decision to practice it regularly. I started having coaching conversation with every second person I was meeting, to practice what I learnt. For first few conversations I was not sure whether my conversations were actually helping the other person. Slowly I started seeing results from the first set of people I had spoken to the week before. And thus, I learnt the actual process of a solution based coaching conversation.

Core key principles of being THE COACH.

  1. Every conversation is not a coaching conversation. But surely it is your intention and conviction with a helping attitude that can turn around simple conversations to coaching conversations.
  2. Building the trust and rapport, that coach will listen to me and will help me draw a meaningful conclusion.
  3. It is important that we have the intention of having a positive outcome, but not the anxiety.
  4. It is an immensely satisfying feeling when the clients start committing to their own actions to reach their goals and making sincere efforts to achieve what they want. Reaching the final goal is surely important, but its also the efforts to begin, that count.  
  5. What will surely bring positive outcome is your ability to empathise with your client and your ability to connect the dots that brings the most positive outcomes.  Do follow the pattern, but not the rigid mindset regarding process.

It’s a joyful ride so far. Excited and waiting for many more learning to happen to me during my coaching journey.

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